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KidsArtRoomTM has been helping students with their university applications to Creative Degrees. Some of our students have gained entry into some of the most competitive universities in London solely based on the coherence of their portfolio and work, without an interview.

At KidsArtRoomTM we provide a tailored course so students can learn and form their portfolio with time and understanding of what they are doing. They do all the work, we are mere facilitators to their growth and creative maturity, however we will always guide our students with technique, show them other artists' work so they learn from it and expand their views and teach them to tell their own story. We do that by exposing our students to a wide range of techniques, media and more. In the 16+ Art Portfolio group lessons (running from two different venues) we'll be focusing on building the best art portfolio as well as helping students learn interview techniques and gain experience from some of our alumni who are currently studying in some of the best universities in London.

We specialise in facilitating help to students prepare their creative portfolios, with more students interested in applying to Architecture Foundation  and Architecture University Courses such as: Bartlett UCL Architecture School, Goldsmiths, UAL- Central Saint Martins, Camberwell, Wimbledon, Chelsea, London School of Communication, and many others.

Our passion is to help students show their best work and open the doors to a brilliant career in the world of Arts. 

* Architecture Portfolio Preparation Course 2024

To book your place in one of our Architecture Portfolio Course June or July'24 courses please visit our bookings page.

To book a place in one of our Architecture Portfolio Course August'24 courses please use the following link learn more and book your place, or send us an email! 

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