Improve your Creative Thinking with Art Lessons 

 Do you believe Creativity is more than being good at drawing? 

"My daughter has now been awarded a Gifted and Talented award at her school. KidsArtRoom, you've done so much for her. Thank you!" 

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Art and Creativity affects everything we do. It is the essence to success, to surprise in your school or university schoolwork, and to even friendships. If we take care of that side of our brain we'll bring the best out in you, or your children- strategic and critical thinking as well as self-confidence and positive thinking. To give support to our objectives, we would like to encourage you to listen about new research by the World Economic Forum, forecasting that by 2020, Creativity will be in the top three most important skills for future jobs. 

This doesn't mean that all children have to do Art or DT as a GCSE choice. Yes, that'd be wonderful, however at KidsArtRoom we encourage our students to extend Art and Creativity outside school life, and turn it into a lifelong hobby, where they explore ideas, concepts and create Art without fear of failure.  Creativity will be what will make them 'shine' in the crowd, having found their own creative 'voice' from a young age. 

At KidsArtRoom we provide Creative thinking through art lessons for children in the Central  London area as well as the South London, including Clapham, Croydon and Purley area. New venues will be resuming soon in Clapham Junction.

Our aim is to arm children with a whole range of artistic techniques so they can express their ideas artistically. At KidsArtRoom TM we believe that Creativity is the most powerful tool for children to achieve this. 

In our art lessons children will be asked to come up with solutions to new challenges and find new ways to solve them. At KidsArtRoom we will encourage children to look for new ways to explore their ideas. They'll do this armed with drawing, painting, collage, and many other methods used by well known artists. This, of course, will bring  new solutions, new paths and most importantly, creative thinking. 

Why should my children do Art lessons?

Let's go back when we were all children... Children live in a world of imagination, a world full of marvelous adventures.. All this feeds into their school work and ultimately their academic performance. There are some who maintain that imagination is directly linked to IQ and that we must work on our own imagination and exercise it every day to get the best out of it. In other words, we can improve it.

Art lessons help children work on this. Whether your child is more inclined to Science, English or IT. Releasing children's creative potential will bring benefits for the rest of their personal and academic life.

Students at KidsArtRoom love every minute of what they do at KidsArtRoom. We listen to them. We tailor our tasks to help them tackle artwork with confidence. It'll be only then when they'll start thinking like real Artists. 

"My 8 year old son has only been having art classes with Olga for a few weeks but already we can see the difference in his art work and how he thinks about his art pieces. He really enjoys the class and looks forward to it every week." P.W ( London)

At KidsArtRoom in South London we help children  open the door to their creativity. Children do the rest, and hopefully they will carry on enjoying art for the rest of their lives! 

Our lessons  

In our art lessons your children will learn art and drawing techniques by dedicating the lesson to drawing exercises. 

Students will be given a new "KidsArtRoom sketch-book". This book will help children and parents realise how much they've learnt over the past art lessons. Confidence will be boosted when students and  friends appreciate how much their drawing skills have improved! Yes, it's really that special..!

Let them experiment - they'll learn more and faster!

From there children will start to experiment all artistic techniques as well as learn about artists, colour theory, perspective, proportion, composition, design  to later extend to alternative drawing/painting methods for more advance students.

All children will work in groups and learn to draw as well as use different techniques including oil pastel, charcoal, ink & marking, papier-mâché, clay, printing, watercolour and many others. 

From KidsArtRoom we would like to reinforce the message that Creativity is a special asset to have in life, as it teaches children to express themselves in a spontaneous way. When they do so in an art club group, they are socializing and interacting with their art group friends, which will be an eye-opener to their Critical Thinking.

As Picasso once said..

" All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 
                                                                                                                                             Pablo Picasso

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