CHRISTMAS Art Scholarship & Skills Workshops 

Face-to-Face - Clapham & Purley 

This October Half Term KidsArtRoomTM Workshop brings you:
  • Work on your children's Sketching techniques, improve their painting abilities using a broad range of media and finally boost their Creativity and overall Creative Thinking
  • Top up a Scholarship artwork for a Portfolio & writing 
  • Or simply just for Fun to enjoy art - "Artists' Skills"
  • "Young Architects" course - three day course designed in collaboration with a practising RIBA Architect. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your children to the idea of Architecture and how to express their ideas while thinking about their environment. 

Amongst other things at KidsArtRoomTM your children will be covering techniques such as clay, sketching, etching  and painting with acrylics, chalk pastel, watercolours and gouache and more. Since March 2020 KidsArtRoomTM has been delivering all Term Lessons via Online Zoom platform. We feel very committed to our students and felt that Art shouldn't fall behind due to Lockdown. So... we started delivering online!

Feedback from students was essentially surprise with their weekly online lessons as they said to have improved enormously in areas perhaps that Studio based lessons couldn't have reached. 

As usual places are given on a first come first serve basis, but especially now, groups will be Very Small,  to improve teaching quality and Health and Safety. 

Extra dates  are available on request. Groups need a minimum of four students per group. 

Any questions please get in touch and we'll be happy to help -

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