The person behind KidsArtRoom is a Creative Thinker

Based in London and within short distance to the area of Surrey, Sutton, Couldson, Epsom, Redhill, Clapham Junction, Clapham Common, Tooting, Battersea and most of South London, KidsArtRoom was founded and is run by Olga Casademunt, mother of three and award winner designer specialized in conceptual and contemporary design, drawing and ink-painting. 

Olga works with children to help them unlock their Creativity through drawing. This provides children with self-confidence and a better life-satisfaction balance as it makes them aware of their surrounding as well as their unexplored skills. Olga also works with the corporate side of creativity where she offers drawing lessons to big companies as part of an HR work-wellbeing equilibrium to help staff boost their confidence and relax in a hectic and stressful environment. Engaging into that will help all members of the team express their ideas graphically without inhibition. This will be a first step towards achieving innovation at the workplace, as staff will feel more empowered to express their own ideas. Olga's second passion is working in the creative side of advertising where she likes bringing break-through problem-solving ideas to the table. 

The core idea of providing children's art lessons came after experiencing the 'race' for academic performance children go through all their lives. That fact together with the pressure schools are under to cover artistic areas of the curriculum left Olga wondering whether children were presented with enough chances to express their personalities through art, and moreover to increase children's creative thinking and  problem solving skills through experimentation.  

When children  go to art lessons, they will also be creating something they will admire for the rest of their lives. Their thinking becomes tangible and they realise it follows their own reasoning and decision making skills. They are in control. 

Because most children need a space, outside school hours, where they can express all their natural creativity, KidsArtRoom was born to achieve just that. Creative expression without boundaries, where children are their own critic and where Olga acts as a mere facilitator of their genius ideas! 

And what's even better - You would have helped them to grow stronger!

If you'd like to  enquire about the Corporate side of KidsArtRoom please email Olga directly to -

Thank you!

Olga Casademunt-Garre   (FRSA, MSc)

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