FUNDRAISING Estrella art Gallery 

Young Artists and Creative Influencers

Estrella Art Gallery is aimed to be a Fundraising Art Gallery based in London with the objective to help projects that need funding. At the moment schools are suffering and need our help. For that the KidsArtRoomTM fundraising branch wants to donate to schools artwork produced by art students. By creating a long-lasting collaboration with positive influencers who represent a good  role model to children and teenagers, this mission would be much more impactful

Over the years, KidsArtRoomTM has allowed us to gain insight into what is happening in relation to Art. After ten years working with children we want to encourage art to fundraise because...

  • Most teenagers stop doing Art when they choose their GCSE’s
  • By encouraging them to continue with Art, they'll develop their own voice
  • There’s not enough understanding of how much Creativity benefits children and teenagers, both  at personal and at an academic level 
  • Young people could grow in solidarity and gain awareness of current social needs around them with a project like this
  • Art (and Music) helps with resilience, socialisation and stress management, and must be supported during adolescence

Estrella Art Gallery Fundraising wants to offer schools artwork in collaboration with Artists and positive influences. We feel really passionate about this. If you think you can help please do get in touch. Thank you! 


All funds raised from these sales will be raised directly by the schools, not by KidsArtRoom TM or Olga Casademunt. This project has been designed for Artists, with younger generations in mind, to help children build a sense of creativity, proactivity and solidarity from a young age, as well as with the intention to link the creative industries and positive influencers to charitable causes to enhance their fundraising impact. 

For more information please email to: