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FUNDRAISING Estrella art Gallery - charity 

Emerging Young Artists and Professional Artists fundraising for the same cause

Estrella Art Gallery is aimed to be an online Fundraising Art Gallery based in London but reaching as far as possible with the objective to help projects that need funding. For that KidsArtRoomTM fundraising wants to sell artwork to fundraise for national and international charities. 

KidsArtRoomTM has allowed us to gain insight into what is happening to us all in relation to art. After over ten years working with children and professionals via WorkingArtRoomTM we have learnt that: 

1- Most teenagers stop doing Art when they choose their GCSE’s

2- There’s not enough understanding of how much Creative Thinking benefits STEM amongst other subjects such as Literature and more.

3- Most professionals haven’t done any Art since the age of thirteen years old.

4- Young people need to grow in solidarity and be aware of current social needs around them to make them more charitable and compassionate

5- Young people require a good profile or CV to access Universities

6- Art Portfolio can help that.

7-Charity activity can help with that.

8- Art (and Music) helps with resilience, socialisation and stress and must be supported during adolescence.

Estrella Art Gallery Fundraising wants to be able to offer you some of our youngest artists' artwork in collaboration with well established artists, all of which available to purchase in A1, A2 and A3 via a variety of charity's website. If you'd like your charity to work with us please get in touch. We feel passionate about this idea and feel there are many beneficiaries in this project. 

All artwork is available in A3, A2, A1 and bigger sizes if necessary, all in the best 330 gsm paper, printed by one of the most prestigious printmakers studies in South England. Artwork will be payable via Paypal on request or by bank transfer.  

Fundraising for Charities

All funds raised from these sales will be donated to a charity. Each artist will choose their charitable cause beforehand and allocate it to their artwork.  Buyers will be able to know exactly what charity they are fundraising for before payment. 

After the sale, both artists (young artist and professional artist) will receive an 'Artist Fundraiser Certificate' as well as achieve projection into the world of Art, from a young age for secondary school student,  via press and social media

This project has been designed for Artists, with younger generations in mind, to help children build a sense of proactivity and solidarity from a young age as well as with the intention to link the world of Art to charitable causes from early stages. 

For further enquiries please email to: infokidsartroom@gmail.com
Contact: Olga Casademunt