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There are many fantastic universities that provide architecture courses in the UK. At KidsArtRoom we understand how complex the process of choosing your career or your university can be. For that reason we want to give you a help in hand by making sure you have the best bet at putting together a strong and  creatively broad Architecture Portfolio.

KidsArtRoom brings you a new group called 'Creative Careers Portfolio". This is a group lesson for students from Year 10 onwards. Not all universities require Art at A Level therefore you can keep working on your portfolio at your own pace.

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 Some general information on the subject.... 

Portfolio Guidelines from UK Architecture universities include:

The University of Sheffield emphasises the importance of having a strong Creative Portfolio and it says this is 'central', emphasizing:

"The portfolio is central to our selection process, so even if you have, or are predicted, very strong grades you may still be rejected."

Please keep reading for further information on how to go about your Portfolio. At KidsArtRoom we bring you an Art Group Lesson specialised in just that - putting together your very own Portfolio for either Architecture or Structural Architecture, as you'll require one for both courses.

"All applicants are expected to show evidence of artistic ability and, after your UCAS application has been received and processed, selected applicants will be invited to electronically submit a short portfolio of art and design work. Even if you do not study an art or design subject as part of your current programme of
studies, you should still be preparing original artwork to include in the portfolio submission.

The Portfolio comprises no more than ten* reproductions of applicants' own art and design work. It should include a variety of work, demonstrating a range of techniques (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printing etc.) and a range of subject matter. The portfolio must also include an original piece of work as specified by the selectors' panel; the details of this piece of work will be communicated to applicants in the letter requesting the submission of the portfolio.

You will have four weeks from the date of request to prepare your portfolio and you must submit this to us within the requested time period or contact us before the deadline has passed if there are valid reasons for you being unable to submit. We will not consider portfolios submitted after the deadline unless we have already granted you a period of extension.

* Applicants for the MEng Structural Engineering and Architecture (HK21) course are required to submit 6 pieces of art and design work."
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With regards to choosing your A Levels... for Architecture Studies 

Please keep reading to learn what some of the most popular Architecture Schools in the UK recommend. We can only show you what some  universities will ask you to apply to study Architecture. Please do future research to find out more about your future career. 

The University of Sheffield writes: "We recommend that you study subjects that enthuse and motivate you and that you consider will be helpful to you in your continuing career. Architectural studies encompass Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences and we generally advise that you select a broad range of subjects rather than a narrow selection, and that you avoid studying two or three very similar subjects." (The University of Sheffield)

The University of Nottingham writes under its requirements an "Arts-based subject preferred (a portfolio will be required), plus art/design, English, maths and physics or double science at GCSE"

Bartlett School of Architecture recommends: "No specific subjects. Comprehensive portfolio of creative work required at interview stage." 

Cambridge University is clear in its recommendations on what type of Portfolios they're looking for: "All applicants invited to interview are expected to show a portfolio of recent work at the interview but this isn't expected to be work of an architectural nature (eg plans, sections etc).  

Admissions Tutors want to see something that illustrates your interests, experience and ability in the visual and material arts. This may include drawings, paintings, sculpture and/or photography may also be included. It's usually sufficient for three-dimensional work to be exhibited in photographs.  

A sketchbook with ongoing drawings is extremely helpful and applicants are encouraged to take one to the interview. It may be in any media (pencil, charcoal, crayon etc) and should include a variety of subject matter. The work can be material prepared for school-leaving examinations but creative work executed outside formal courses is also welcome.

Subject Requirements and Typical Offer by College calls for no specific subjects at A Level/IB Higher Level that are required for this course. Applicants are expected to show a portfolio of recent work at interview."

The University of Bath recommends: "Your personal statement should describe your motivation for choosing architecture and information about your relevant non-academic interests and achievements. Your application is more likely to be successful if you demonstrate a strong interest in architecture through relevant reading, extracurricular or co-curricular activities, work experience, additional study (such as a relevant EPQ) and art or design qualifications."

Your previous academic study is also important. For example, if you have taken GCSEs then we prefer applicants with a strong set (such as grade A*, 8 or 9 in at least five GCSEs or grade A or 7 in the majority of your GCSEs). We also prefer applicants with strong Mathematics and Physics GCSE grades. This is in addition to our essential GCSE requirements.

We strongly prefer high performance in Mathematics or Physics as part of your entry qualifications. You also need a solid grounding in Art or Design, and we prefer applicants who have studied Art or Design as part of their entry qualifications. If you have been unable to study these we would look for evidence that you have substantial exposure to art and design thinking and its applications, for example through extra-curricular art work. You may wish to consider an art foundation year if you have not studied Art or Design at A level (or equivalent)."

Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts of London UAL)  suggests the following: "The standard entry requirements for this course are as follows:
136 UCAS tariff points which can be made up of one or a combination of the following accepted full level 3 qualifications:
*         3 A Levels at grades AAB
*         Pass at Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Level 3 or 4)
*         Distinction, Distinction, Distinction (DDD) at BTEC Extended Diploma
*         Pass at UAL Extended Diploma
*         Access to Higher Education Diploma (preferred subjects include Art, Art and Design, or Design and Technology)
*         Or equivalent EU/International qualifications, such as International Baccalaureate Diploma (35 points)
Entry to this course will also be determined by assessment of your portfolio. A very high proportion of successful applicants complete a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design."

As mentioned before,  please do future research to find out more about your future career.

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