2020 - 2021 Academic Year 

KidsArtRoomTM offers all Stages of the nationally recognised ArtsAwards Ofqual Qualification

We work with Primary Schools and Secondary Schools 


KidsArtRoomTM is an art tuition business with ten years experience, fully insured and DBS checked, working in Primary schools in and around south London. We like to  work collaboratively with the school Head and the Inclusion Department by covering the cost of some disadvantaged students, those who the schools believes would benefit widely from enrolling every term. KidsArtRoomTM feels deeply committed to its social cause of helping children achieve their full potential, both socially and academically. 

KidsArtRoomTM delivers art lessons as well as all stages of the ArtsAwards qualification, awarded by Trinity College London. KidsArtRoomTM was founded by Olga Casademunt, mother of three, artist, award winning designer, who also runs the classes.

Olga has worked as a conceptual designer for many years, to then move to the world of advertising after gaining an MSc from a London university. Olga’s inspiration to begin KidsArtRoomTM arose out of her work with leading universities, professors and lecturers of design strategy and innovation. KidsArtRoomTM was created to bring the idea Creative Thinking from the academic world to children and by doing that foster the ability to build resilience to face life’s problems as well as boost critical thinking from an early age.

To counter-balance these nurturing objectives, KidsArtRoomTM is also registered as an ArtsAward Centre. We deliver all stages of the widely recognized ArtsAwards qualification. Out of the five stages, two are available to KS1 and KS2 students - Discover and Explore, and three to KS3, KS4 and beyond - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Currently two groups are run in Woodcote Primary School, a four form entry school on the outskirts of London. This club is run on two different days due to high demand.  

The course is delivered on a weekly basis teaching students artistic skills such as sketching, watercolors, gouache, mixed media and so forth as well as research and note-taking, always teaching visual language from an early age.  Students are encouraged to keep their own book. This not only enhances the students’ ability to learn, but expands their opportunity to practice reading and writing. The KidsArtRoomTM club is a practical art club where students learn artistic skills every week, while building a strong portfolio by the end of their academic year.

There is currently availability to start new groups at London schools. Should your school be interested, please contact KidsArtRoomTM for more information at infokidsartroom@gmail.com