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"My son has found himself in the creation of his projects. Your feedback has been so important to him."  (Mrs.F. Clapham, London)

At KidsArtRoomTM we have over fifteen years experience teaching children Art and Creativity. Most of our students have been with us for an average of five years, some have gained a Gifted and Talented status at their local or independent school. From those applying for Art Scholarships, most have been awarded not one, but several fully comprehensive art scholarships or Art Awards in some of the most prestigious private schools in London such as  Whitgift School, Reigate Grammar, Woldingham School, Croydon High Senior School, Sutton High School, Caterham School, St David's School, Cumnor House Boys and Cumnor House Girls amongst others outside London such as Wells Cathedral School in Somerset. 

Our groups are always kept small to improve teaching. We tailor our teaching to each student's objectives, abilities and skills. Children learn at their own pace which helps confidence and consequently it helps students explore art more broadly. 

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Term Time Holiday Art Workshops KidsArtRoomTM at Clapham

Holiday Workshops - Download our leaflet and please have a look. We are offering lots of workshops this summer. Choose one, two or three! We only have small groups to enhance teaching quality. You can make your 'own' group too, by making a booking for a whole group of friends, of minimum 5 students.

Discover ArtsAward -
ArtsAward Discover is an introductory non-moderated ArtsAward open to young children. KidsArtRoom is now an ArtsAward Centre and can provide this which it'll be linked to students' academic school record. 

Explore ArtsAward - Arts Award Explore is an Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is open to children from the age of 6,  and young people aged up to 25.

Bronze ArtsAward -  Bronze Arts Award is a Level 1 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is open to young people from the age of 11 years old.  

Silver ArtsAward - Silver Arts Award is a Level 2 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is open to young people from the age of 11 years old.

Gold ArtsAward - Monday group term time lessons  (UCAS points & qualification by Trinity College London) Ideal for 16 year olds to collect some UCAS points with their final qualification Gold. Keep the doors open to a career in the Creative industries by building a strong portfolio in what you love most! Gold ArtsAward Group is open to students form the age of 16 years of age.

Scheduled Holiday Pop Up Workshops - Email us to keep in touch and book your place

All students are encouraged to enter International Art Competitions and build their portfolio for the future.


Special Portfolio

Having a good Creative Portfolio is not only paramount for those wishing to apply to Architecture, Fine Arts or similar creative Universities, but also to all children aiming to achieve an Art Scholarship or enter a Foundation Art Course before going to University. Children without Art Level can access Art Foundation courses by achieving the Gold Stage of the ArtsAward Qualification which KidsArtRoomTM also provides.  

UCAS points can also be gained by achieving one of the Arts Awards the Trinity College of London offers to children and young adults. At KidsArtRoomTM we want to capture your children's abilities and help them find the best way to access their desired Creative Studies. Students will be able to apply to one of the different Awards - Bronze, Silver or Gold in the coming weeks, as we’ve been offering this since  November 2017.

With regards to younger children, when applying for an Art Scholarship always remember that if your child is taking lessons in school and they still don't feel confident, it's probably time for a fresh start with a different teacher. Getting a scholarship is not about putting together a 'convincing' portfolio, but to build an attitude of self-belief and confidence towards Art.   

What will be covered in the lessons?

Sketching. Painting. Creativity. Colour theory.. amongst other things!
 The objective of these lessons is to teach children to be confident using the techniques they're learning in every session. There's no "artistic voice" if there's not confidence. It's only when students explore what they've learned every day that they really start to bring out their inner skills. Confidence is a skill that has to grow within you.

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