Art Lessons in Beckenham High Street - From Autumn 21 / Book Now! 

"Our son was awarded an Art Scholarship at a prestigious private school in Surrey. K thrived with your help and that is priceless - thank you so much KidsArtRoomTM."

Mrs S.P. S London

At KidsArtRoomTM we have over ten years experience teaching children Art and Creativity. Most of our students have been with us for an average of five years, some have gained a Gifted and Talented status at their state primary or grammar school, and private schools, some have been awarded fully comprehensive art scholarships, art awards or art scholsarships in some of the most prestigious private schools in London such as Trinity School, Whitgift School, Woldingham School, Croydon High Junior School and Croydon High Senior School, Sutton High School, Caterham School, St David's School, Cumnor House Boys and Cumnor House Girls amongst others outside London such as Wells Cathedral School in Somerset.

Our groups are always kept small to improve teaching. Students are exposed to high standard learning from the beginning. No student feels left behind at any point as we tailor our teaching to each
student's abilities and skills. Children learn at their own pace with usually huge breaktroughs in their results which helps them to move forwards quickly apart form building their confidence.

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