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According to recent academic international research, the future of innovation in the corporate world lays within the daily fostering of Creativity through random thoughts and ideas in an apparently non-structured way. The truth is, we all need to develop more ‘our right side of the brain’. Workplace cultures should allow staff to have time to reflect and brainstorm more often, ignoring hierarchies or ‘fear of looking stupid’, allowing workers more time “to think rather thank produce”.  

Creative Thinking workshops for your Team 

To employees’ eyes - the best workplace will be where paradigm-shifting ideas are rewarded and encouraged frequently. Freedom to think whilst contributing to problem solving is seen as an asset when choosing the best working environment.  

Human Resources departments should see this as a good method to retain Talent. Creative people tend to be fidgety and change job frequently due to their innate curiosity. They do this not because they feel dissatisfied but for positive reasons, their  non-linear thinking. If empowered with the right tools, Agencies will be saving on contract fees, and instead will tackle the issue of routine by opening career paths to these individuals.  

WorkingArtRoom TM believes in providing new channels for creative thinking to your workplace. We aim to bring to all corportes' staff Creativity and Innovation by introducing them to Design Thinking. WorkingArtRoom TM will be boosting their graphic language with regulars workshops for a group of your staff. This will enable to reinforce their trust on each other but equally improve their observational skills. Students will be provided with all the tools they need to launch themselves into a job with potential Creative career progression, even if they use this just to express their ideas more easily 

At WorkingArtRoom TM we strongly believe in promoting Creativity to boost general awareness, achieve better life-style and most importantly broader thinking. Olga Casademunt is the founder and director of KidsArtRoom TM, KidsArtRoom Gallery and WorkingArtRoom TM. All originated from an art tuition company specialized in teaching artistic techniques using Creative and Design Thinking. Olga teaches children and adults from all abilities to improve the way they express themselves graphically and how to find their confidence to use their own ‘voice’ for problem solving, often dealing with different degrees of risk-aversion. When children or adults start regular lessons at KidsArtRoom TM their creativity is boosted, not only in their artistic assessments, but in a broader spectrum of schoolwork in their academic life but also in their personal and working life.

During many years of experience running KidsArtRoom and for Olga as a product designer, portrait artist, marketer and advertising professional where she's seen many situations. Sometimes  where staff felt ‘pigeon-holed’, being asked to demonstrate just a limited proportion of their thinking, where problem solving was a matter of a five-people-meeting and a ‘one-man-solution’, instead of a creating a constant flow of ideas from all the staff to be able to foresee problems before they arrived at the meeting table. 

With experience in the field of Innovation, having worked with leading UK universities, as well as in the advertising world, WorkingArtRoom TM wants to bring the Corporate world a whole range of artistic techniques to open new paths to explore, break moulds and think using your staff's most innovative problem-solving skills. 

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